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Game Terror

出版者 出版社:典藏文创 订阅出版社新书快讯 新功能介绍
出版日期 出版日期:2017/01/09
语言 语言:英文



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Daniel Chuang

  Daniel Chuang is a young writer who has studied in American schools all his life. He currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan, with his parents and older sister, Alice, who is now away for college. His favorite genre of books and films falls into the horror category, as he always had a fascination with them since he was in middle school. He was inspired by author R.L. Stine and movie director James Wan, to begin his journey as a horror writer, as Stine and Wan both have done work within the horror genre and category. His goal is also to be involved in film, and he plans to start by getting into theater arts. Becoming a writer is also a dream of his as he intends to provide his readers with both fun and learning. He had already written and published a novel called Ghost Trappers, which is also a horror novel
Game Terror pdf epub mobi txt 电子书 下载




  Creating a refreshing blend of realities, author Daniel Chuang evinces a keen sense of imagination in Game Terror, his second novel. In Craven's Arcade, the players and the arcade's eponymous owner are no less fictional--or no less real--than Monty the Magnificent, the magician hero of a video game, and his companions. What starts off as a Halloween party turns into more tricks than treats, and the reader is slowly enmeshed in the story. Game Terror just might be the perfect book for gamers.

Richard Hartzell, PhD.


  Craven’s Arcade is one of the most well-known arcades in the United States. Although it has only a limited number of games, they are all quite well-known and popular.
There’s one game that is incredibly popular. That game is called Monty the Magnificent. It stars Monty, who is a magician and the game’s main character.

  One day Monty notices that Mr. Craven, the owner of the arcade, is behaving rather strangely. He’s always in the arcade when it’s closed, and goes into a strange room every few minutes.

  That’s when Monty and his friends get involved in a mystery. A big mystery. His game and the other games in the arcade may be threatened. Will he and his friends solve the mystery? Or will it be game over for everyone in the arcade?


Chapter 1
Craven’s Arcade was the most well-known arcade in the United States. The games in the arcade were what made the arcade so well-known. It had every game a kid could ask for. They included Cookie Maze, Turtle Rush, Bug Hunt and Bear Tale.
However, there was one game in the arcade that was the most popular by far. In fact, every time kids came to the arcade, they would always line up to play that game. And what was this game, you may ask? Well, here it is.
The game was called Monty the Magnificent. You may be wondering what this game was about. It was a game involving a magic show. The main character of this game was Monty the Magnificent, who was a magician, and he loved the attention he received from the players. He also loved to perform the magic tricks that were written into his programming.

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Game Terror epub 下载 mobi 下载 pdf 下载 txt 下载

Game Terror pdf epub mobi txt 电子书 下载


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Game Terror pdf epub mobi txt 下载



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